VFC Staff & Instructors


Office Staff

The office staff run the club dispatch desk and perform various club administration duties.

Gerry Mants - General Manager

Gerry has been with VFC since 2000. He has a strong business background and  maintains an overview of all club activities. He still manages to find time to spend time with people who walk in to the club to find out what it is all about.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the operations of Victoria Flying Club. All positions are elected on a 2-year cycle with new officers being elected to the board each year as necessary. All Sustaining and Life members of the club are eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting and to become directors.

The current members of the Board of Directors are:

Ramona Reynolds, President
Howard Peng, Vice President
Colin Williamson, Secretary
Vern Fischer, Treasurer
Rob Shemilt, Director
Steve Demy, Director
Rolf Hopkinson, Director
John Litherland, Director


Flight Instruction Team

VFC currently has 18 Flight Instructors ready to help you reach your flying goals! Our Instructors, under the leadership of Graham Palmer (CFI), are the backbone of flight operations at the Victoria Flying Club. They bring with them a wealth of experience from the realms of commercial, recreational, government, search and rescue, and water bombing / fire fighting aviation. Who will you train with?

Graham Palmer (CFI), Class 1

Graham began instructing at VFC in 1997 and became CFI in 2001. With over 11,000 hours of flight time, he is endorsed to fly single and multi engine land and sea aeroplanes and has a Group I Instrument rating and ATPL. He holds a Class I Instructor Rating and a Class I Aerobatic Instructor rating. He is designated by Transport Canada as a Pilot Examiner and is authorized to conduct Pilot Licencing on behalf of the Minister of Transport. He finds himself busy with supervisory duties as well as Instructor, tail wheel, aerobatic and float training and flight testing. Graham is passionate about flying and enjoys sharing this passion with all who fly with him. Working under the guidance of Graham are a host of dedicated instructors. Come and meet them!

Marcel Poland (Operations Manager), Class 1

Marcel has been at VFC for 16 years and has over 7,000 hours of flight time. As Operations Manager, his focus is on safety and the flow of people in the air and on the ground. He is designated by Transport Canada as a Pilot Examiner and acts as our Line Supervisor. Marcel's flying highlights include starting an air taxi service and doing his first PPC in a Twin Otter. His ambitions are to keep flying fun and be remembered as a great instructor.


Our other instructors are Kristen U., Sean T., Brett S., Colin B., Laura V., Brady T., Dave Y., Jessica R., Silvia Z., Michael B., Eugene N., Iain W., Dave R., Sheridan M., Paul H., and John E.


Maintenance Team

Every 50 hours, each VFC aircraft is inspected and serviced, with major services at 100-and 200-hour intervals. The maintenance crew deal with all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance providing VFC with an extremely safe and reliable fleet.

Gary Van der Leer (Chief of Maintenance)

Gary has been with VFC since 2004 and has overall responsibility for the maintenance of our fleet of 14 aircraft.

Dan Turner

Dan joined us in February 2012 and does a fine job contributing to the overall safety of our operations.