Submit a Safety Report

VFC is committed to maintaining a high level of safety in all its operations. Critical to achieving this goal is for VFC to identify and track hazards and understand how to prevent or mitigate the factors that led to a incident or accident.

The Safety Reporting Form is the vehicle which will allow VFC to capture and record hazards, identity necessary corrective actions, and over time build a database which will help prevent the same hazard from reappearing.

The form is intended to be used by any member of VFC and by VFC staff. You should fill out a form if you observe any hazard or have an incident where safety was compromised even if there was no negative result. If you are in an accident VFC staff will request that you submit a form.

VFC's commitment to you:

  1. The form will be always be kept confidential and will only be visible to VFC Management. Extracts may be published in the safety section of the VFC website where the information would be of value to the membership. However all information will be de-identified prior to publishing.
  2. In order to foster a culture of information sharing, something that is vital to an effective safety programs; VFC has committed to a non-punitive reporting policy. Nothing submitted in a safety form will be used against the person submitting the form.

Event Information

Please ensure that all required fields (marked with an asterisk) are filled out before submitting your report.

Time of event must be entered in PST (Pacific Standard Time).

Elevation must be entered in feet (ft).

Please provide a description of the location or area where the event took place.

Reporter Information

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Additional Information

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