April 9, 2015 | Hazard Observation (air)
  • crofton
  • 2500 feet
  • 12:12am PST
  • Airwork

Details of Report

during recovery from slow flight. after moving the flap switch from 10 to 0 degrees, the instructor noticed the flaps remained in the 10 degree position. circuit breaker did not pop. instructor cycled the flap switch to 10 degrees, then 0 degrees and the flaps then retracted as normal. on approach to landing at the end of the flight, and after landing, the flaps functioned as normal. I believe that given the situation, this was an isolated event and could be due to a dirty/worn contact in the flap switch. since the flaps functioned as normal, I felt no need to declare the defect as a ground test would reveal a normally functioning flap system. however, if more of the same occurrence is noted later, we can suspect that the flap switch needs work or replacement.


continue to encourage all pilots to report all a/c system abnormalities, even if they cannot be re-enacted during a test of the system.

VFC Response

Safety Report will generate a Control # at the next safety meeting.