April 10, 2015 | Hazard Observation (ground)
  • Victoria Flying Club
  • 63 feet
  • 12:00am PST
  • Start

Details of Report

prior to start, ignition switch in a VFC aircraft was found in "both" position with key removed. a/c could have started if prop was turned by hand during inspection, or by a line crewmember. Key was difficult to insert but turned easily back to "off" position with key partially inserted. Ignition switch then functioned normally.


instructors diligently monitor student's actions during shutdown checklist, and emphasize using all equipment gently and properly. upgrading to better quality ignition switch, although this may not be possible due to regulatory and cost restrictions

VFC Response

The Canadian Aviation Regulations state that particulars of any defect in any part of the aircraft or its equipment that becomes apparent during flight operations shall be entered into the journey log as soon as practicable after the defect is discovered but at the latest before the next flight by the Pilot in Command.

Aircraft was grounded and Maintenance checked for serviceability.  Ignition was deferred and new part was ordered.  New ignition was ordered and installed 2015-04-17.  Safety Report closed 2015-04-23