University Aviation Program

University Aviation Program

University of Victoria – Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) – Aviation

The University of Victoria offers the Diploma in Business Administration – Aviation Option, a program designed to allow students time within the course schedule to undertake flight training at the Victoria Flying Club (VFC) while concurrently pursing their academic education. The Diploma Program comprises a total of 14 courses. Sessions are conducted at the University of Victoria campus as well as in training facilities located at the Victoria International Airport.

Flight training is a separate but complimentary component that provides the opportunity to develop flying skills concurrent with academic studies. Such flight training costs are above and beyond the tuition costs for the DBA, with rental rates provided here:

The Program would be of interest to:

  • Students seeking to pursue post-secondary education;
  • Students graduating or recently graduated from high school who wish to become commercial airline pilots or a career in the commercial airline industry; and/or
  • Students interested in subsequently pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (ask UVic about their partnership pathway with Royal Roads University).

DBA Admission Requirements:

Graduation from secondary school is required for admission to the Program. To apply for the Diploma program and to see associated tuition, fees and expenses, please go to UVic's website.

Flight Training Requirements and Expenses:

Flight training begins with ground school followed by flight training with Transport Canada qualified Flight Instructors, and provides the opportunity for students to progress through to the achievement of a Commercial Pilot’s License and to obtain valuable qualifications such as a night rating, instrument rating and/or twin engine aircraft rating. Attainment of a Private Pilot’s License or Commercial Pilot’s License requires a medical by a Civil Aviation Medical Examiner. Students are encouraged to ensure they pass such a medical in advance.

To undertake such flight training, you must become a member of the VFC and enroll in the flight training program. The VFC is accredited by the Ministry of Advanced Education Skills and Training as a Private Training Institute (PTI). As such, flight training with the VFC allows you to apply for student aid, to apply funds from an RESP, and to seek an income tax deduction for advanced flying training, such as training towards a Commercial Pilot’s License.