The Victoria Flying Club Launches Speaker Series and Online Component to Commercial Pilot Program

May 7, 2018


The Victoria Flying Club Launches Speaker Series and Online Component to Commercial Pilot Program

Adapting to modern needs, the 72 year old Victoria Flying Club has redeveloped its commercial pilot flight training program, adding an online component and Speaker Series with aviation leaders presenting. This change comes at a turning point in the aviation industry, with organizations declaring a a current and projected long-term shortage of pilots worldwide. “Students and flight instructors are being scooped up by airlines as soon as they have their number of flying hours, sometimes even getting recruited beforehand. And this trend is projected to continue. ICAO estimates that by 2026, over 350,000 new pilots will be needed worldwide,” said Katy Earl, Communications Coordinator.

At a time when many flying schools are struggling to keep doors open because they have lost their flight instructors to airlines, the Victoria Flying Club is pleased to have 18 instructors lined up for this summer. Having so many instructors on board coupled with a large aircraft fleet helps students to complete their flight training in a timely manner. Earl continues, “It is no wonder that instructors want to stay and students want to come to our beautiful destination. Our hope is that this summer, we will be able to more fully share the well-kept secret of this world-class training we provide to Canadian and international pilots.

To meet demand, the online component addition to our commercial pilot program will help students to study as quickly as they can manage. We have maintained an onsite ground school as well, allowing students to get the extra help they need from expert instructors. Students can also build their network with industry leaders who present in our new CPL Speaker Series. Some of our speakers include Greg Boyachuk, an Air Attack Officer with Alberta's Forest Protection Division, and Mitch Cady of Jazz Aviation.

The Victoria Flying Club is privileged among flying schools for its particular location as well as its offerings. Despite the small size of the surrounding communities, in 2014, the Victoria International Airport was the sixth busiest airport in Canada in terms of aircraft movements. The convergence of military, passenger, cargo, corporate, private, recreational and student flights at the airport creates an excellent learning environment for aspiring pilots, uncommon among flight training schools, particularly in Canada.

Earl says, “Our students get to experience real-world situations, sharing the runway and airspace with all kinds of aircraft instead of just with other small aircraft. This gives our students an advantage with greater confidence in flying to any kind of airport.

The other advantage our students get is from the kind of locale we have here in Victoria. We have lake and ocean aerodromes, small airstrips, and mountains nearby for students to practice their skills. And then there is the ever popular night flying, for which we offer a discounted aircraft rental rate. Students who come to our Club to study benefit from having access to a large modern fleet with many available flight instructors, so they won't need to get on a long waitlist in order to practice flying and build their hours.


Open House and Pilot Information Session, May 26, 2018

The Victoria Flying Club invites aspiring and current pilots to attend a free Community Day and Open House on May 26, 2018, located next to the air traffic control tower at the Victoria International Airport. There will be vintage and modern aircraft and aviation learning experiences to check out along with representatives from the aviation industry, such as COPA, CASARA, Helijet, Randy Mains (internationally trained CRM MOI Instructor, safety advocate), and more. Interested ones are invited to a pilot licencing information session at 1:30 in the onsite classroom.


The Victoria Flying Club, located at the Victoria International Airport, has been training world class professional and recreational pilots since 1946. Local and international students benefit from top-notch instruction on a standardized fleet of Cessna 172S Model aircraft at one of Canada’s busiest airports in a varied terrain setting.


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Ramona Reynolds, President, Victoria Flying Club