VFC Welcomes New President, Ramona Reynolds

July 4, 2014


Victoria Flying Club Soars to New Heights with First Female President

Victoria, BC – June 9, 2014 –  The Victoria Flying Club Board of Directors recently welcomed club member and pilot Ramona Reynolds as their first ever female president.  Despite the efforts of Amelia Earhart and many like her through the decades, women are still under-represented in the field of aviation, both recreationally and professionally.  Reynolds is working to change that.

1928 first saw the Victoria Aeroclub operating out of Lansdowne field in Victoria.  In 1946, after WWII, the Victoria Flying Club was formed on the site of Patricia Bay Air Base, also home to the Victoria International Airport, where the club still operates a first class flight training facility nearly 70 years later.  Throughout that 70 year history, many women have earned their private and commercial pilot licences from the Victoria Flying Club.  In fact, one of the earliest photos of the club, framed and hung proudly in the pilot’s lounge, is local pilot and Victoria Flying Club member Mae Frame, standing proudly beside the club’s Piper Cub.  A number of women have also been instructors at the Victoria Flying Club and have gone on to careers in aviation with national and international airlines.  There is one female club manager in the record books, as well as several female board members through the years.  But Reynolds is the first to hold the position of President.

A recreational pilot, CEO of her own company, an author, a mother, and a mentor, Reynolds wears many hats every day and is eager to add another.  After a year as club Vice President, the role of President is a welcome opportunity for Reynolds to promote the Victoria Flying Club, and also the recently formed Vancouver Island Chapter of Women in Aviation International, where she also holds the role of president.  The Victoria Flying Club has been a major supporter of the new chapter, and Reynolds is excited to continue the synergistic relationship, sharing not only her enthusiasm for aviation in general, but also working to create scholarships and outreach opportunities for girls and women interested in learning to fly.   

“Women make significant contributions to all facets of aviation, but are still under-represented in a mostly male-dominated field,” says Reynolds.  “The Victoria Flying Club and Women in Aviation International want to encourage women of all ages to pursue their aviation interests.   We value equality, diversity, and inclusivity, and are committed to providing a safe, supportive and connected community for mentorship, leadership and lots of fun, whether you’re an airline pilot or still a little nervous about that first flight.”

In the coming months the Victoria Flying Club will see an upswing in recreational flying over the summer, and continued participation in the BC Airport Challenge (a contest run by the club which challenges members to visit as many of the 91  approved BC airports as they can before year’s end), as well as Air Cadet training and the first ever Summer Flight Camp in August, a unique opportunity for young aviators age 9-12.  The Vancouver Island Chapter of Women in Aviation will continue to meet monthly, participating in local and regional events.  The chapter is also planning a gala fundraiser and silent auction on September 13 at the BC Aviation Museum to raise funds for scholarships and outreach opportunities.  Reynolds will play a key role in the success of all of these endeavours, bringing her endless energy and enthusiasm to every situation, and leading her various teams with unsurpassed organization and skill.

The Victoria Flying Club, located at the Victoria International Airport, has been training world class professional and recreational pilots since 1946.  Local and international students benefit from top-notch instruction on a standardized fleet of Cessna 172S Model aircraft, at one of Canada’s busiest airports, and in a varied terrain setting, providing an unsurpassed level of training.

Women in Aviation International is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing networking, education, mentoring and scholarship opportunities for women (and men) who are striving for challenging and fulfilling careers in the aviation and aerospace industries.

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Ramona Reynolds, President, Victoria Flying Club