January 1 1928 – British Columbia Airways Ltd starts a flying school at Lansdowne Air Field with three small training planes.

May 1928 – British Columbia Airways begins regular air service between Victoria, Vancouver, and Seattle. This is the first international air service in Western Canada.




1938 – RCAF Station Patricia Bay site is selected amid concerns of Japanese naval operations along the coast. The first buildings of the base, originally belonging to the Jones family farm, stand on the site of the current terminal building. Eventually the RCAF occupies the West side of the airfield, and the RAF the East Side (current site of the VFC hangar). 



October 1945 – With the end of WW2, Patricia Bay is quiet for the first time since 1939.

August 1946 – The Victoria Flying club begins operations after securing temporary lodging with the RCAF at Patricia Bay. 

  • Victoria Flying Club letters of incorporation.


  • Mae Frame, one of VFC’s earliest members, takes her first flight in the club’s Fleet Canuck, 1947.



  • Making aviation glamorous at VFC.
  • The Wings Banquet - A long-held tradition at VFC.



1965 – The Victoria Flying Club fleet consists of three Fleet 80s, one Cessna 150, one Beechcraft 23, and a leaded Piper PA-23.  Hangar 4E is deemed surplus, and after extensive negotiations with the federal government, The Victoria Flying Club purchases the hangar for three installments of $3000. This becomes the permanent home of the club.

  • In front of the newly acquired Victoria Flying Club hangar.


1976 – The VFC fleet grows to include six Cessna 150s, two Cessna 172s, one Piper Apache, and one Piper Commanche, with a Cessna Aerobat on order.

  • The Victoria Flying Club relies on a volunteer Board of Directors to carry on operations on behalf of its members.  A new board is elected each year at the club’s Annual General Meeting.



  • The Victoria Flying Club Open House is a long-standing tradition, opening our doors to the community, and welcoming new members.


  • In 1996, the Victoria Flying Club celebrates its 50th Anniversary with an open house, and plays host to a number of interesting aircraft.


  • The Victoria Flying Club is known for its social and flying events.



  • After many years of involvement with VFC as manager and CFI, Dave Lehan hands over the reins to Graham Palmer in 2000, who still leads the instructor team as CFI today.
  • The Victoria Flying Club continues to provide great social flying opportunities through the resurgence of the fly-out program, in conjunction with the local COPA Flight 6 group.


  • In 2013 VFC retires a number of beloved Cessna 152s and Cessna 172s, upgrading the new standardized millennium fleet of Cessna 172 S Models.