Getting Started

As a government-recognized Designated Learning Institution, we welcome international students to come and study at our school! Due to sheer demand for our flight training programs, we are accepting applications for our waitlist.

What will you need to do in order to get here? 

  1. First, we strongly recommend that you complete an aviation medical examination. Without an aviation medical certificate, you may not be able to obtain a pilot's licence. Search for Medical Examiners.
  2. Second, you can submit an application of membership and study intent to us. When we are sure there is a spot for you in our program, we will send you a Letter of Acceptance. Keep this Letter safe as part of your necessary travel documents!
  3. Third, if you require a visa, take the original Letter of Acceptance, a study permit application and other necessary documents (for example, a bank statement demonstrating sufficient funds and perhaps an immigration medical, depending on the requirements) to a Visa Application Centre near you. (Find a visa application centre here. If you are in India, more information can be found here:  If you are successful in your application, you will receive a 1. Letter of Introduction, 2. Study Permit, and 3. Visitor Visa or Electronic Travel Authorization from the Canadian Government.
  4. Fourth, confirm your living arrangements for when you arrive in Victoria to study! Arrange your medical and travel insurance and other preparatory measures to ensure you stay well and have a great time here! These websites are a great place to start.  
  5. Fifth, arrive in Victoria and start your studies!

General Information

As an international student, you may be required to complete an Aviation-Language Proficiency Test (ALPT) with a Transport Canada approved Examiner. More information can be found on the Transport Canada website.

A very comprehensive and straightforward set of guidelines for international students are available at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. Exploring this site will provide all the details you need to know about visiting and studying in Canada.

Another very good source of information is from the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC). The Victoria Flying Club is a member of this organization.

Some of the key points are