VFC Member Resources

Enjoy the benefits of club membership! Victoria Flight Club has lots to offer, from flight training, charter flights, to club events, there is something for everyone. 

Is Victoria Flying Club a flight training facility or a flying club?  The answer is Yes.  Yes, the Victoria Flying Club is a not for profit flying club that is in the business of providing safe, quality flight training at an affordable price.  The club would not be sustainable without the business; and, because of its origins, the business wouldn’t exist (or be as fun) without the club.

Because we are a not for profit we are committed to providing our members (that’d be you) a great, safe plane for the lowest price we can.

As a VFC member what’s in it for you?  What do you get for your membership in addition to the great plane for a great price?
Annual check ride with up to 2 hours of free instructor time

  • Access to Facilities: use of member’s lounge for private functions
  • Discounts on fuel
  • Access to airplane parking and overnight parking
  • Access to ground school forever
  • Opportunities to participate in members only events like the BC Challenge, FormFest 2014 and the mentorship program)
  • Access to super cool people:  From VFC’s outstanding staff and instructors to all the characters that hang around this place; you never know who you are going to bump into around here.  The people in our aviation community are amazing!

As a member of this not for profit, please remember that you own this joint.  You own it – so own it!  If you would prefer to see more Club activities then feel free to get involved.  There's a place for everyone here!

Yes, Victoria Flying Club is a business.

Yes, Victoria Flying Club is a club.

We’re in the business of making dreams come true – yours.